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Home improvement work can be a stressful experience... but not with expert technicians on your side! We're the builders Bromley has come to trust for all sorts of renovation, redecoration and repair services. Planning some revamping of your office space? Need to do some repairs around the house? We're your one-stop shop for high quality, affordable craftsmanship.

Book Us as Your Bromley Builders And You Get:

  • 24-hour a day phone support, so give the tradesmen a call any time you've got a query, or want to start laying plans for your home improvement!
  • A no-obligation consultation at the property or premises where you need the work. You'll discuss the budget for your revamping in person
  • A strict financial limit to set - we don't stray outside of you budget, so you always feel in control
  • A full quality guarantee, and the additional peace of mind that comes from knowing all renovation and repair services are performed under full insurance cover

Reliable Builders in Bromley

Your Choice Of Building Services in Bromley:

  • Painting and Decorating: all sorts of interior walls and woodwork are easy for the decorators to deal with. We undercoat and colour-match with technical skill.
  • Kitchen Fitting Services: for both residential and commercial properties, this services gives you the planning and installation skills needed for new kitchens.
  • Bathroom Fitting Services: this is your one-stop solution for all decorating, electrical work and plumbing for both small-scale upgrades and full renovations.
  • Plastering and Wall Boarding: ideal for plastering and wallboarding walls and ceilings, from the initial coat to the final precisely skimmed finish.
  • Tiling Services: there's no wall, part-wall, sink splashback, or floor that the expert team can't fit tiles to. We work with ceramic, porcelain, quarry tiles, and much more!
  • Wallpapering Services: need to get precision wallpapering behind radiators, door frames, and the like? The renovation experts can work with any area.

Besides the Builders services we offer, you can count on us for various types of handymen jobs. Sometimes the easiest tasks prove to be the most difficult ones. Save yourself some time - we can repair furniture, mount TVs and more.

expert Bromley builders

Here's a Little More About Our Services...

With many tradesmen it'll be hard to see what you're paying for, but with us you'll receive a clearly itemised cost breakdown. This happens after we've consulted with you onsite, so we'll know all about your budget, your plans, and how we're going to fit in with the first while achieving the latter! Your breakdown will include:

  • All labour
  • All materials
  • All costs associated with your work

The labour will be broken down by room or task, while the materials will include an estimated price based on the experience if we're providing them, and an even more accurate assessment if you've already bought the parts you want us to use.

The Simple Way to Make Your Booking

cheap building company in BR1
Because we give you 24-hour phone and online support
, you can get in touch with us to set up your no-obligation home consultation at any time of the day or night.

You have plenty of options to get in touch with us and learn more about the service you need. We're ready to get started on your home improvement project right away!

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Schedule a viewing or request a service on:

020 3404 4481

Alternatively you can send us a message and we'll get in touch at a convenient time to discuss your request!

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Information You Need Prior to Renovations in Bromley

Our outstanding services cover the whole BR postcode area including BR1, BR2, BR3, BR4, BR5, BR6, BR7, BR8. Consider the fact there is a strict order in which home improvements should be undertaken. To make things easier for you, we listed the steps you need to follow for the perfect renovation plan.

  • The professional tradesmen we work with, recommend for you to check if you need a permission to complete the remodel you want. Luckily, you can easily check this online at the Do You Need Permission? page of Planning Portal’s website. Also, you can check out Planning Portal’s interactive guidance on planning permission and building control for dwellings and commercial properties.
  • Take into account that the permitted development rights which apply to many common projects for houses usually do not apply to flats & other buildings. In addition, commercial properties have different permitted development rights to dwellings.
  • In case you need additional information, you can easily get in touch with a local authority by dialling up 0208313 4956 or get in touch by email: [email protected]
  • Also, you can visit planning building & control’s page of the Borough of Bromley.
  • It’s strongly recommended to check if your property/building you live in is among the listed buildings in Bromley.